Brick-and-mortar Casino vs Online Casino

Brick-and-mortar Casino vs Online Casino
01 Mar

Until true virtual reality becomes a reality for online casinos, you have to switch between online casinos and land-based casinos to get the best of the both worlds. If you don’t have a casino near where you live, it sort of settles it automatically.

But if both options are available to you, which one to choose? Let’s make a brief comparison and see where you get the most value.


Welcome bonuses

In a live casino, there are various perks you can get as you enter. It largely depends on which casino we are talking about. Usually, it’s some game coins you can spend on various games. It may be given to you for free or as a reward for paying the entering fee. And let’s not forget free drinks that come to you every hour or so (again, depends on the casino),

At an online casino, you also receive money to play. As a deposit bonus for transferring cash to your account, as well as no deposit bonuses.

The great thing about land-based casinos here is that no one is counting what you win. Online, however, every bonus has a wagering requirement to withdraw. Either by how much you received or how much you won.



casino games

You’d think online must be a clear winner here. The internet has thousands of games available – slots arcades, jackpot slots, table games. You can spin slots on your computer, load up a casino stream and play with a live dealer or visit the mobile roulette games on-the-go.


Hold on. Quantity is a marvelous thing, but we have to give some points for the experience to the live casino. Because playing craps surrounded by two dozen of hyped up tourists is surprisingly wonderful feeling.


Suitable For…


While live casino can be fun, it also can be not. Imagine playing $5 blackjack. If Lady Luck is sitting at the bar, sipping Martinis, you may drop a couple of hundred dollars in a couple of hours. So, that’s why we’ll say that live casino is suitable for tourists. They don’t care about grinders at the poker tables or where the heck has Lady Luck gone. They come to casinos to have a good time and relax. In this regard, no one can stop them.


But online casinos are undoubtedly much more suitable for beginners. From $0.01 to $100 – everyone can choose their stakes. Plus, to most it’s nice to be able to sit down and play from their own homes.