3 Main Reasons You Should Switch To Online Casinos

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02 Apr

Online casinos are opening on every corner of the web. But still, it’s new thing for some of us who are gambling for more than a couple years now.

Online casinos cannot replace the land based casinos any more than e-books can replace printed copies. But they have tons of perks that can be considered a good enough reason to try them.

We won’t list the obvious ones like playing from the comfort of your home while you still in bed and your pyjamas. Let’s check only the top 3 reasons why playing online is better (click for more).

1. Generous Bonuses

The closest thing you can get at land based casino is a welcome drink. What’s good of it, though? Well, you will save a couple of dollars that would spent on some refreshment otherwise. But being tipsy is not the best way to play casino games. Ask any professional gambler.

At online casinos you can get a welcome bonus instead of the welcome drink. It can be in a form of free spins for Starburst or any other game upon your registration. It can be a sum of money matching your deposit that you will receive shortly after you make one.

Either way, it’s way more rewarding than any drink you can get at casinos. Unless it is a bottle of wine saved from the drowning Titanic or something. But I doubt you’d get that for free.

2. Variety of Games

You enter casino. What do you see? Unless it is Las Vegas, probably a couple of blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and dozens of slots.

What do you see when you enter online casino? Couple of different blackjack variations. Different roulette games. American, European, French, you name it. Baccarat. Craps. Some more underrated games like Casino War. And slots. Hundreds of them.

Such a huge variety of games would never fit to any brick-and-mortar casino. And the games would never be as often updated as they are online.

3. Platforms of Online Casinos

Personal computer. Laptop. Mobile phone. Tablet.

You only need to have one of these devices. But you probably have a few of them. Also, internet access. But I assume you have that too, since you wouldn’t be able to read this otherwise.

Casino games come on so many different platforms and playing them is easier than ever.

You can play straight from your phone when you wake up in the morning. Winning gives us a lot more positivity than reading depressing news about Trump or guns regulations.

You can pay by phone. Play by phone. Switch to computer or tablet when you’re bored. You can play from home, work, public transport, while waiting in a queue. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

4. Guaranteed Security

If you have a couple of drinks at casino and win a decent sum of money, you never know how many people were observing you play. Perhaps the moment you leave the casino, someone will punch you in the head and steal all your winnings.

Or yet, maybe when you win too much for casino’s liking, you will be politely (or not) asked to leave. With no chance to enjoy your winnings by winning even more. Or maybe your blackjack dealer has a habit of cheating. You can never know for sure how secure you and your winnings are at the casino.

Meanwhile, trustworthy online casinos need to have licences and comply to the requirements by gaming authorities, e.g. Malta Gaming Authority. So, you can be sure the sites and games were audited and can be trusted.

Moreover, the outcomes of the games are created by random number generators. That’s why you can sleep calmly knowing dealer is not cheating and slot machines are not rigged.

Finally, money will be safely withdrawn to your account without anyone ever knowing you won.

Unless you like bragging. So just don’t, seriously.

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